S. B. Aesthetics and Electrolysis Testimonials

"After years of struggling with unwanted face and body hair, I sought a permanent solution. I tweezed and tweezed and the hairs kept growing, my skin started scarring and I felt really self conscious whenever anyone sat close enough to me to see my whiskers. This was something I really wanted to fix. As a physician, I knew of electrolysis as a possible solution, but I had never met anyone who had tried it. I didn't know what to expect, but I wanted to try something. Like a lot of people, I was starting to feel desperate. Those hairs were making me miserable! Laser had already failed and it was too expensive. Plucking was just making my hair growth more exuberant and causing irritation and scarring. I called Marlyn for a consultation and was satisfied from the start. Marlyn was able to begin treatments right away, and her compassionate nature made me so comfortable. Unwanted hair growth was something that I had struggled with for years, and she made it just go away! As a physician, I see many people in my practice who would benefit from electrolysis treatments. Young women with PCOS or other hormonal imbalances who have unwanted face, neck, nipple or abdomen hair often feel extremely self conscious and don't know what to do or what is available. Many just shave their face without realizing that permanent hair removal is REALLY possible. I recommend Marlyn to my patients frequently because I trust her skill, her professionalism and her sensitivity 100%."   Shana Jordan, MD

"Marlyn Palmquist has a professional demeanor, is dedicated to her craft as well as customer satisfaction, sensitive to the comfort level of her clients , and possesses a high degree of integrity. Her office is very clean and she makes every effort to accommodate scheduling requests. I achieved great results with permanent hair removal within a short period of time. I found her prices to be very fair. I always felt very comfortable during each procedure and I would recommend her very highly to anyone."   Amy K, MD

"I am passionate about South Bay Aesthetics and Electrolysis services because it worked for me and gave me so much confidence. I have been a client for over 10 years and could not imagine my life with out it. The quality of service and the professionalism Marlyn delivers is of the highest quality. The personal one-on-one attention is exceptional as she cares about YOU and YOUR needs. I highly recommend South Bay Aesthetics and Electrolysis to anyone-- it changed my life and it can change yours".   J.B.-San Pedro

How Can I Help You?

I invite you to come into my office for a confidential consultation to find out how I can help you achieve your goals. Let me show you how you can begin experiencing the rewards that come from beautiful, smooth, and hair-free skin. There is no reason for you to wait any longer. The solutions to your skin care concerns can be attained!
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Marlyn Palmquist C.P.E. , L.E.